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Primary law on Thomson Reuters WestlawTM provides a deep base of foundational content that includes editorially enhanced state and federal case law, annotated statutes, regulations, and administrative materials, the industry’s premier citator, KeyCite®, legislative materials and legislative histories, Graphical Statutes®, and more.

There are a variety of Thomson Reuters Westlaw plans available with options for access to the following content. Please work with your Account Executive to determine the configuration that works best for your firm.


Westlaw® offers the most comprehensive collection of cases and provides online access to the National Reporter System® so you can assess the potential of your law firm’s case, learn about prevailing arguments in similar cases, and build a winning strategy. Westlaw’s depth of caselaw coverage is unsurpassed, going back further than any other online research service. Also, the currency of our caselaw content is unmatched, with rulings from the U.S. Supreme Court typically published online within five minutes of the decision.

Statutes, Court Rules, and Regulations

With exclusive online access to USCA® and the industry’s only annotated CFR, Westlaw offers the most comprehensive collection of statutes, regulations, court rules, and administrative materials. Nationwide coverage of state administrative codes, federal and state court rules, and annotated, indexed statutes for all 50 states and the District of Columbia provides all the same titles found in law libraries across the United States, online, all in one place.


KeyCite combines our tradition of editorial excellence with our leading- edge technological expertise to make verifying legal research easier and more efficient than ever. Use it to instantly verify whether a case, statute, regulation, or administrative decision is good law and to find citing references to support your legal argument.

Key Number System

The West Key Number System® is the master classification system of U.S. law and widely regarded as the cornerstone of effective legal research. For over 100 years, West Topic and Key Numbers have offered legal researchers a convenient way to zero in on a particular legal issue and quickly find on-point cases.

Graphical Statutes

Chart the legislative changes made to a state statute or code section and link to related content. With a click, you can see all previous, current, and future versions, track pending changes, and connect to pertinent legislative history, caselaw, and KeyCite history.*

Legislative History

Learn the intent and meaning of bills, statutes, and regulations (current and archived) when they are not well interpreted by the courts and agencies. Assess the extent to which a statute supports a claim or authorizes regulatory measures.*

Westlaw Profiler®

Profiler provides background information on attorneys, judges, and expert witnesses from across the nation. It retrieves the subject’s profile and a verified results list of documents that reference the person you are researching. Sources include Profiles of Attorneys, Judges and Expert Witnesses, and Profiles of Intellectual Property Professionals.

Proposed and Enacted Legislation

View the full text of available bills (introduced, amended, and enacted versions) plus summaries and status information from current and recently ended legislative sessions.

Other Content

Other content included in the Primary Law plans on Westlaw includes:

  • Westlaw directories
  • Public laws
  • Uniform Commercial Code
  • FINRA Arbitration, and more

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