Referral Program

Because SynerG Law Complex is a community of solo practitioners and small law firms, we understand that getting new business is the key to sustaining a law practice.  Also, being able to find a colleague you trust to refer a matter to when a client, former client, colleague, or friend is looking for a referral in a practice area you do not handle, or when you have a conflict, is also important. SynerG encourages members to refer matters “in house” in a number of ways.  First, we provide a $50 rent credit (up to one per month, but they can roll over) to the referring lawyer for each case/transaction/matter referred to another SynerG member once that member reports that he or she has been formally retained. Second, we encourage our members to get to know each other with weekly networking events and other networking opportunities.  Third, our referral coordinator will help “match-make” and find the right attorney for a potential client. Fourth, it is just really convenient to walk down the hall and pass a dozen excellent independent attorneys in a dozen different practice areas. Finally, the unmatched camaraderie and community that has developed at SynerG Law Complex has encouraged an environment conducive to referring business “in house”.  Many of our members brag that they paid their “rent” the previous month, or several months, with fees earned from clients referred by fellow members.