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Introducing “War Stories” – A Wealth of Experience

SynerG Law Complex is a diverse community of solo practitioners and small law firms from many different practice areas and with a wealth of experience. Our members have chosen to locate their practice here, either by having a permanent office here, a second office, or one of our virtual memberships, because they appreciate the benefits of being part of a legal community including being able to share ideas, refer clients back and forth, and benefit from the collective experience of hundreds of years of the practice of law in Georgia by some of its finest lawyers. SynerG will be hosting this "War Stories" blog on its website so that its members can share the benefit of that experience with each other and the legal community. If you have any questions about any of the posts, or if you are not currently a member of SynerG and would like to share your own "war story", please contact Jason Graham at jason@graham.legal. Thank you.