Ready for the Next Level

Hanging your shingle has never been easier.

Thinking about going on your own or taking your firm to the next level. The SynerG Law Complex is perfect for You.

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Designed exclusively for lawyers from the ground up. Take your firm to the next level.

The law profession is the quintessential service business. We understand this, and in fact, the SynerG Law Complex is founded and designed by your experienced colleagues. SynerG is not for everyone and doesn’t try to be. Designed by lawyers, for lawyers, our mission is to be a specialized all-inclusive office solution that helps attorneys and their firms succeed to the next level. Our unique and specialized solutions not only streamline office management but also help you with business development while lowering your total overhead. Sounds perfect? It is. Perfect for you and your law firm.

Capture the benefits of an established firm without the compromise.
It’s your firm. You keep the profits.

Larger established firms have many benefits. They can significantly reduce costs by sharing infrastructure and purchasing in bulk. There are extensive networking opportunities and referrals generated within a firm with many lawyers focused in various areas of the law – all housed under one roof. The mentorship with experienced colleagues is invaluable as you grow. Firm administration is left to others while lawyers stay focused on client relations and client matters. Invariably all these benefits primarily help the firm. But all these benefits flow primarily to the firm. Not you. When you hang your shingle at SynerG, you enjoy all these benefits without sharing any of the profits. Heard you can’t have your cake and eat it too. With SynerG, you can.

Which Best Describes You?

Recently Graduated.

Looking to hang your shingle

You’ve got your degree, but you don’t want to work for someone else. Yet you still want to be around other lawyers. They didn’t teach you overhead management in law school, but you know running an office, even just for yourself, is daunting. Also you may not be ready for a long term lease – no problem.

Senior Associate / Junior Partner

Ready to be on your own

Your confidence that clients will hire you on your own is growing. You are ready to take the plunge and pull the rip cord. But “the firm” has always handled things like buying furniture and computers, dealing with vendors like IT support and the coffee supplier, signing the copier lease and the Westlaw contract. Don’t worry, it’s handled.

Already on Your Own.

Ready to take it to the next level

Many of us started our own firms in temporary space, Class C space, or even our basements. Now that your client base is growing, you want the Class A experience with all the included amenities. You want your clients to be impressed with your office. No need to schedule client meetings out at the local coffee shop anymore.

Established Your Firm.

Ready for a satellite office

You are already half-way into your five year lease and running out of room. Your office is in midtown or downtown, but you seem to have a lot of clients in North Fulton, Cobb, and Gwinnett. An extra office or two, a couple of cubicles, or a virtual office solution in Perimeter would be a huge asset to your firm.

A Few of SynerG’s Features that help. They’re all Included!

  • Mentorship
  • Westlaw Research
  • Flexible Lease Terms
  • Referral System
  • Networking Events

  • Concierge Services
  • Networking & Referral
  • Camaraderie with Colleagues
  • Branding & Image
  • Hassle--Free Turn Key Office

  • Premium Refreshments
  • Class A Conference Rooms
  • Impressive Office & Location
  • Customizable Workspaces
  • Complete IT Support

  • Premium Furnishing
  • Computer Worstations w/ Dual Monitors
  • Tel/Copy/Print/Fax/Storage
  • Live Receptionist
  • Professional Cleaning

Still Deciding ?

You Want to Take it to the Next Level.
SynerG can help you get there.

Not another office solution for just anyone, instead, SynerG is specifically engineered to be the best solution for
your law firm. With so many inclusive features to lower barriers, reduce overhead, and
streamline office management, get ready to take your firm to the next level.

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