Customize Your Workspace

Which option is right for you?

Whether you’re a solo practitioner, a small firm, or looking for a satellite office, we can customize the right office solution for you.

Sole Practitioner

You are a sole practitioner and provide the best legal service to your clients. You want to exude high confidence in your clients and their decision to seek your advocacy over a larger firm. We have the right office solution that helps provide the right impression. Your executive window office is fully fitted with premium furnishings and all the support you need. You are never on your own when you are with SynerG. Courteous live receptionists answer calls and welcome visitors to the complementary SynerG cafe and a Class A lobby and waiting area. Specially trained concierge agents are available to assist with legal meetings and other preparations. IT specialists are available to assist 24/7. Along with this are many other turn key features designed to help you stay focused on clients and their matters. Customize and supplement your executive attorney office with flexible legal staff workstations to align with your growth strategy.

Small Firm

You have a small firm and have the need for offices for attorneys and legal staff. Choose the right combination of executive attorney offices and flexible legal staff workstations for your firm. Add or reduce your attorney offices and staff workstations in sync with your firm’s expansion or streamlining strategies with flexible terms. Best of all, both staff workstations and executive attorney offices are all inclusive and turn key to help your staff stay focused on legal matters instead of office administration. Your firm and your clients have complementary access to the SynerG cafe along with other Class A amenities like conference and meeting rooms and luxurious reception. IT support for attorneys and legal staff is unlimited and included. With so many other turn key features all included, we can customize the right configuration for your firm.

Virtual/Satellite Offices

Need a satellite office for your firm? Stuck in your current office lease, but want to join SynerG anyway? Our virtual packages are your answer. There are many virtual office options in the market but, none offer our unique benefits. Designed exclusively for lawyers and law firms, you enjoy all the Class A benefits of SynerG such as luxuriously appointed offices, meeting rooms, executive conference rooms, and the SynerG cafe. In addition, your virtual office package includes a comprehensive Westlaw research plan, secured cloud storage, and organized networking opportunities. No other virtual office gives you the networking and referral opportunities that SynerG does. All this for a surprisingly affordable virtual package in an impressive location ‐ why consider just making do?


Impress your
Clients and Colleagues

Why compromise with your
office and workspace?

Your office is integral to your impression. With SynerG, your Class A office shows the Class A service you provide your clients.


Protect your Profits
with SynerG

Are hidden fees and extras
shrinking your bottom line?

Surprised each month with extra charges, hidden fees, and incidentals. They add up fast. At SynerG your overhead is fixed.


Discover the Turn Key

Why burden yourself with
more office management?

Stay focused on business development, client relations, and practicing law. Let us handle the headaches of office management.



Can your office adapt with your firm’s changing needs?

SynerG workspace solutions are customizable and adaptable as your firm’s needs evolve.
Whether you want to be productive on the go or need added space for
more associates, SynerG evolves with you.

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Introduce your colleague to the best office solution for lawyers and they will be forever grateful.


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